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Shop Dog Book Sale

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Created 12-Nov-13
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Shop Dog Book Sale

Florida Music Institute 2016

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Created 2-Nov-16
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Florida Music Institute 2016

Florida Music Institute 2017

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Florida Music Institute 2017

Grace Restaurant Doggies and Drinks

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Grace Restaurant Doggies and Drinks

Macro Photos

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Created 27-Oct-17
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Macro Photos

Guestbook for Laurie Ross Photography
The ware house art district is an awesome collection of photos with excellent clarity. I like to see more works from you. May I could buy some pictures from your site. You are an awesome man. All the best my dear. http://www.qspray.com
Sharon Williams(non-registered)
Your piccs are beautiful. When she sets the date let talk about wedding piccs !! in the islands.
the accompaniment, the music, is quite beautiful capturing the beauty that you see and share through the lens of your camera. Thank you for capturing such gorgeious images...thank you for sharing your vision and gift! You remind the world of all that is good, and there is so much good & great all around us! Celebrating life, love, nature, music and art!!! Thanks for all you do....mucho amor, jd, hlc, lukey, maurice :)
Harriet Heller(non-registered)
Love your photos, glad I found the site.
Your big sister(non-registered)
The pictures are great. I enjoyed them very much and now I have to go blow my nose. :) They made me cry and lauch. Beautiful.
And the website is very cool.
Love you
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